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tv   KRON 4 News at 7am  KRON  February 12, 2020 7:00am-8:00am PST

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directions. so we'll check in on 8.80 alright that europe things will get nice later he asked his sailing through the day today even though it is a cool morning. >>another comfortable afternoon should be a big surprise there we've had a lot of those lately golden gate bridge under clear skies as is the rest of the bay area this morning, no fog. no cloud cover we did have a brief area fog streaming to the golden gate about an hour ago. >>the suns pulled out so yeah we've cleared up even out there right along the coast. dublin morgan hill north bay and san anselmo and on over to a couple of our inland areas like nevado petaluma and fairfield all in the 30's well, elsewhere, it's 40's and 50's to kick off this hump day cooler than yesterday for sure so don't forget those jackets you're definitely going to need him this morning. this afternoon teacher kind of weather yet again although not as warm as yesterday will be calmer than yesterday for the north bay daytime highs back into the 60's only a couple spots hanging on to the 70's today. robin all right, thank you john, the crash said i've
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been talking about. >>for about an hour now has officially turned into a hot spot we pulled up a caltrans camera so you can see the backup on 8.80 look over to the right to tell lights. that's 8.80 north rolling through san leandro the crashes northbound and davis street and i just got word from chp that the 3 right lanes are now blocked so things are quickly changing here, here's a look at it on traffic tracker north 80 at davis, a traffic alert has been issued and now you're backed up on to 2.38 so just crawling there on the nimitz i'm suggesting that you just stay away from it. take 5.80 instead of the nimitz look how much time you're going to save are almost at 40 minutes for the nimitz it's only 16 minutes if you take 5.80 will help you out when you make it to the bay bridge toll plaza another line you have to wait in traffic here on 80 west still jam from the maze darya james, thanks a lot rob is 71 and today's school officials will meet with parents and teachers to talk about the possibility of layoffs and the east bay.
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>>the west contra costa county school district facing another budget shortfall so some tough decisions are going to have to be made kron 4 sarah stinson live in hercules with more on that sarah. >>yeah that's right you know those the layoffs are looming because there need to cut million from the budget a huge test for the west to contra costa county. a unified school district a lot that they're having to work through and strategize to get through this so that they know of course don't have to put the academics at risk, but also not lay off potentially 250 teachers and that's the biggest concern is trying to avoid that type of a scale of a there was a special message put out by the district's superintendent and 2 teachers unions involved it stated everyone's willing to compromise and work out a solution that hopefully avoid layoffs and cuts to the classrooms. well it's not
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going to be easy to negotiate with the unions and cut the budget in different ways the superintendent says they have developed a strategy and they're hoping to vote on it discuss it tonight at a meeting with the school board. >>this has a lot of parents worried about how this will affect their child. >>teachers blame the state for lack of funding for education and the district for management of the available we talked with the district spokesperson and teachers to hear what this is all about. >>it blamed the district 4 lack of accountability and management of the fines on a local level of the school district is taking responsibility for a floor, it's it's short commute. we have had some turnover in our business department and that's led to a land that has led to some concerns about the numbers that we've seen as a school district they have to start notifying the teachers whether they're going to be there next year. >>yes, to be a huge discussion tonight in of course they have to notify
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teachers but it looks like they are working together with both unions to do everything they can to avoid that big the skill of a layoff we're here in hercules hopefully will be able to talk to some parents maybe even some teachers about this whole negotiation and about tonight's meeting that's at 6 30 at love our new gene, a middle school in richmond, so i'm sure that will be a packed meeting full of people wanting to know what the strategy is for now i'm live in her chili sarah stinson kron 4 news. >>ok, thank you sarah. 7 oh 4 right now to the big story, the corona virus. a palo alto woman and her teenage daughter have just been released from quarantine a good news for them they were among the first group of americans evacuated from china, it was a 14 day quarantine we had nearly 200 people basically locked up there at march air reserve base in riverside county. and this is video of the group finally boarding buses to go to nearby airports where they could continue on to their homes and families. many of these evacuees were state department workers. they
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evacuated out of wuhan china back on january 29th. luckily, no one in the group tested positive for coronavirus so that's the great news and we heard from that palo alto woman about her experience under quarantine take a listen. >>this quite comfortable asked asked company has be part of the government has been very accommodating. and very nice but to occur and his current team, so we try i didn't do much socialize are just really really follow all the protocols the rest of time pretty much you that was 2 babies want to the hospital had a few that he was that was not corona virus case so he was they can last the best that they could be no one ever had it passed custom is that was positive and was knighted you're so no one was >>and everybody was happy i'll tell you that after they got quarantine and they were live released you can see them throwing their masks into the
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air in celebration like it was graduation well happening now there is a local and national shortage of. >>those very masks and other surgical equipment to that's needed to treat corona virus. amid a shortage of n 95 masks we do have a bay area nonprofit amanda schmitt share it's pulling together its partners to try and send these critical supplies to china that share is a humanitarian aid organization that helps gather in sen supplies for local and national and global disasters and they're gathering as many masks as they can and isolation downs as well to send again to wuhan china and other communities that are dealing with corona virus. >>in china, a citizen journalists, he was a lawyer turn of lager he'd been posting about the conditions in hospitals in wuhan he suddenly gone missing. he hasn't been seen since last thursday and all of his videos and posts have stopped and they've been taken from the internet and that last thursday was the same day that the whistleblower doctor who the government didn't want to
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spread the word about the disease ended up dying of corona virus. the government reported. now the friends of the vlogger and the family have been trying to find out what happened to him. there had been word from one of his friends that even though he was perfectly healthy that he was in a 4 score in teen. the corona virus has killed more than 1100 people and infected. 45,000 worldwide the vast majority of the cases are in china which has been criticized for not letting the information out about the lockdown areas in wuhan in another. cities affecting more than a billion people but a lot of those people are using their cell phones defying that order and state-run media and showing people on facebook what's going on and we just found out it was revealed this morning that that deadly corona virus man actually originated in a bat cave, that was first discovered by chinese scientists 16 years ago. 7 oh 7 in the east family settled for million. they
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heir son who drowned in a of school swimming pool, 15 year-old benjamin curry drowned during a fizz school in march of 2018. and this case was supposed to go to trial next week. but the family settled the victim's attorney says that they settled to spare themselves. the pain of having to relive their son's tragic death in the courtroom. the settlement does not include any changes for how the school swimming classes are top of the attorney thinks ably going to be reevaluated in light of this. the san ramon valley unified school district had no comment. >>man accused of murdering nia wilson made a bizarre statement on the stand he claims that wilson and her sister we're aliens john kao says that he heard voices when he attacked the sisters at the macarthur bart station 2 years ago. he testified that they were aliens in his mind who kidnapped his grandmother and we're going to hurt her cal pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity we know he suffers
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from schizophrenia and was released from a mental hospital not long before he actually committed the stabbing if he is found guilty he could be sentenced to life in prison. san francisco's millennium tower building management has until the end of the day today to turn over any engineering reports on these cracked windows that we saw this week a window on the 41th floor shattered causing glass to rain down on the streets below sunday when they were high winds blowing. the city's building inspector says that this second crack window on a lower level was discovered in may have been caused by some of the falling debris from the window above millennium tower as you know is infamous for its. continue till and leaning in fact a slain about a foot and a half since it was built. but officials say it has no impact on the high rises structural integrity. the building's management has 7 days to replace those broken windows. >>current leaders are expanding the mamas for housing bill to include vacant homes and multi-unit buildings the ordinance was prompted by the group moms for housing you
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see the women here who squatted in a vacant home in west oakland for 2 months and then they were evicted in arrested before this that measure only allow tenants to have rights of first refusal when they were living in a home that they were renting it was going to go up for sale, but this expanded bill is expected to be heard at the city council committee meeting next >>legislative analyst's office is questioning governor newsom's budget proposal to curb homelessness the governor wants to put million into a new fund that would flow to regional administrators selected by the state. the dallas office says this approach would complicate the state's homeless is programs which have historically been run by local governments. state lawmakers plan to review the plan in a public hearing tomorrow. governor newsome is threatening to reject pg e's bankruptcy plan again, the utility wants to borrow billions and sell more stock to help pay the billion it owes wildlife victim of
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wildfire victims. the governor's lawyers told a bankruptcy judge they want to question pg me about that plan and pg nelson is to raise more money to cover a billion to insurers and government agencies. >>time now 7.10 still ahead here on the kron 00:04am morning news, a man cleaning his car in his own driveway is ambushed from going have the very latest on this armed robbery that was caught on security cameras. >>some of the biggest names in college sports came before congress to work on a uniform approach for paying athletes, i'm just eaten or in washington and on that story coming out. household debt skyrockets last year and what californians pay for engagement rings, i'm jane king will have their stories coming up. >>another sun shiny day ahead of us after what is a cooler start to the morning on this wednesday. your forecast is ahead. a lot of heavy traffic squeezing and to san francisco a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza it's already backed up through the maze
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>>some 14 right now and we're looking at the weather and another nice day no more when now know were wind yesterday, we said goodbye to that right in the middle of the day up in the north bay you still hold on to it. and today all of us just checking in with sunshine, calm conditions and a touch of a cooler day ahead of us were still warmer than we should be yesterday as temperatures are coming down
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definitely no 80's out there like this on santa rosa yesterday that was a in arresting way to have a february day spent looking outside at san jose at that building may be rising soon to be blocking out the view but temperatures are cooler this morning and only going to be a little bit cooler into tomorrow too so going down as compared to what was a historically warm day yesterday, lots of sunshine across the bay area already saw that glow be on san jose sunrise beautiful this morning. >>no cloud cover to be blocking it out 80 s nice calm winds. we talked about such a windy sunday monday was windy for many areas in tuesday for the north bay at least was windy today all of us are on the calmer side of things that this is the way we're going to stay for the rest of the forecast. today's daytime highs noticeably cooler than yesterday is still noticeably warm though considering what time of the year it daly city and elder not a huge 63 for your highs with lots of sunshine at the coast. and even more sunshine elsewhere in the bay foster city in palo
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alto you will each be at 65 for your highs well upper 60's in the south a little cooler than yesterday, not a big change for you in the south bay though our most noticeable of differences will be in the north bay which side daytime highs yesterday well into the 70's it was upper 70's for areas like napa today only upper 60's and napa well santa rosa, 69 degrees certainly cooler than yesterday's 80 degree high. now tomorrow a little cooler than today friday we're going to be looking at conditions some comfortable for valentine's day staying dry, most importantly as you get out there with your loved one. and hopefully celebrate the day. saturday that have temperatures a little bit warmer and sunday, although just a slight chance of a few north bay sprinkles. it looks like we're going to stay dry and into the start of next week more dry weather more warm weather too. robin we have major delays on the nimitz after a hot spot in san leandro this is 80 north at davis street we had a multi vehicle accident that was
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blocking 3 lanes of traffic it's out of the way the traffic alert was canceled. >>but there is your very long line of residual delay in fact on north 80 you're now backed up into hayward almost from 92 and you're also backed up on to to 38 almost from 5.80 so all leading up 2.80 north at davis street at least it's out of the way your drive time definitely hire about 35 to 40 minutes now to make it from san leandro to downtown oakland, if you decide to go in and take 5.80 instead look how much time you're saving 17 minutes for 5.80 wesson to 38 to downtown oakland and here we are at 35 if you take the nimitz instead so you do have some options you don't have to sit in that traffic here at the bay bridge. the only way you're really saving time is is if your car pooling those are the lines that are open but everyone else sitting in traffic. it is solid from the maze and that's normal normal and i shot of the golden gate, it's always you know pretty quiet here on one o one 27 minutes nevado to the toll plaza, no other big issues the
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drive times here for the dumb barton livermore to dublin and one oh one all normal 10 minutes from brisbane to san francisco james all right. thank you very much robin 7 17 is the time in national news the debate over whether to pay college athletes. >>has now reached capitol hill, california already passed a law that says and cw players can make endorsements or merchandise without risking their scholarships or their eligibility and now dozens of other states could very well follow california's lead. >>jesse to nor has the story. >>the nc double a is late. >>to this game senator richard blumenthal says the nca which makes about a billion dollars a year has dropped the ball and should be compensating student athletes the president's state of college sports is exploited to make the nca act faster blumenthal wants more states to pass laws like california's allowing athletes to profit off their names images and likenesses remote the humid with the national college players association is behind many of
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these proposals caused kathy shouldn't be forced to sacrifice their economic freedom and rights humid told a senate committee tuesday. it's a job the states can handle. but as president mark emmert once a uniform standard different laws from various states. >>will create an even an unfair playing field for our schools and student athletes, the nca is 3 divisions house more than a 1000 schools in nearly half a million student athletes members of congress are working on multiple ways to develop federal legislation including former ohio state football player congressman anthony gonzalez, an award-winning full scholarship chemist can accept any financial rewards that may come her way. >>but the fastest runner on the track team cannot but athletic conference as college sports is not a vocation and senators to make sure that no one is left out still haven't settled on the right solution. >>as the nca has biggest moneymaker march madness is sure to bring even more attention to the issue in washington, i'm just eaten or.
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>>for your money this morning, how much to california and spend on an engagement ring and americans suspending flights to china now until april. jane king is live at the nasdaq with those stories and more hi jane i darya good morning as american airlines canceling flights between us and china until late april with the corona virus still scaring away travelers. >>no american had hoped to resume flights between the us and hong kong next week. but then dropped the flights until april 23th due to a reduction in demand. well total household debt rose by 600 billion last year that's when the federal reserve. so total debt balances have now surpassed 14 trillion for the first time housing debt accounts for about 10 billion of that total balance and then balances for auto loans and credit cards both increased by 57 billion last year. seaworld will pay up to $65 million over accusations of companies lied about the impact of the 2013 documentary blackfish on its financial and bottom seaworld one of the company's
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former ceo is did pay a million fine in 2018 to settle fraud charges for misleading investors about the impact the blackfish was having part of the settlement included no admission of wrongdoing. a fellow times day just right around the corner we take a look at the average engagement ring price by state. it ranges from about 3,000 to more than 10,000 according to diamond retailer it honey now the average engagement ring but in california is just $9,500 the second highest in the nation actually washington state only one that was more expensive live from the nasdaq, i'm jane o king back to thanks alleging. >>at 7.20 once coming up here on the kron 4 morning news officials in the south they are preparing for the possibility that they may get more cases of the corona virus will tell you what they're doing to make sure they're ready if it happens. plus an fbi agent shoots a man in san francisco. the victim is in the hospital, what led up to it is still unclear. we're going to hear from the victim's mother. and here's a live look outside the bay bridge approach where traffic is at a standstill for some
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robin winston with more on the drive john travel with your commute will get updates from both in just a moment. as soon as i started talking about putting term limits on congress, washington insiders went crazy. they said term limits are bad, that they'll break government. what a joke! congress is working fine for politicians and corporations, but it's not doing anything for real people on climate, health care or gun safety. the only way we get new ideas is electing new people, including a president willing to shake-up washington. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message.
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while the middle-class continues to struggle. that's what happens when billionaires are able to control the political system. our campaign is funded by the working people of this country, and those are the people that i will represent. no more tax breaks for billionaires. we are going to guarantee health care to all people and create up to 20 million good paying jobs to save this planet. i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message because we need an economy that works for all of us, not just wealthy campaign contributors. >>well the fbi says an off-duty agent shot a man in san francisco. the victim is still in the hospital this morning. the shooting happened saturday night it was at the haight-ashbury district unclear exactly why the as shot twice in his fire on
7:25 am
lungs and once in his stomach. but he's expected to recover she feels hebecause she says there's been a lack of information from police as to exactly what happened. >>the same a lot. >>as san francisco police say that crane was arrested the night of the shooting on a felony warrant for drug possession. the fbi though not releasing the name of the agent involved or any explanation as to what led up to the shooting, we'll keep following the story. meanwhile in the east bay, a man was robbed at gunpoint in the driveway of his own home in oakland. there was a security camera captured it all here's the video. you'll see the man on the right he's the victim with his blue car you see that white car go by across top of the screen. this was in the diamond district neighborhood, the white car came back the 20
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year-old victim didn't see it coming they came up behind him. so just a minute after the car went by robin the gunpoint robbers stole the victim's necklaces bracelets cell phone and his keys before driving away. they haven't been caught yet. the victim says crime in his area has been steadily on the rise. >>police are investigating a crash in alameda that injured an elderly woman who was crossing the street last night on and subtle avenue between walnut and willow streets. the driver did stop and is cooperating with the investigation of the elderly woman is in the hospital with serious injuries. >>in san francisco city leaders want to turn this vacant building into a navigation center taking 75 people off the streets coming up, i'll tell you how much is going to cost ta
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>>traffic robin ali roland it's a little better. our major cross cleared so we'll take a look at the residual delays on the nimitz it's not fun. ok. >>and outside looks great camera on the nyse this is one of those mornings where it looks good and it's actually not that because last week it was chilly to start the week to look great, but that it was a windy. >>now it's just common a little cool, but hey we can handle some 30's 40's and 50's that's not a bad range of
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numbers looking outside at the golden gate bridge, nice and bright no fog. no cloud cover, but that's the way it's going to stay today most of us are in the 40's and 50's this morning sure that's cooler than yesterday but we felt cooler the season. dublin on up to fairfield nevado petaluma santa rosa, these are some of your cooler spots in the 30's. although berkeley definitely the warm spot that 57 degrees currently later on today expect daytime highs in the 60's all across the board. another above average and comfortable day robin traffic getting heavier by the minute heading into san francisco, 80 west it's already backed up and it's all the way through the maze so 5.80 from 24 on the shore freeway through emeryville and virtually all the this is still a long line. >>leading up to the pay gates, a pack, your patience this morning, but no problems on the upper deck we're checking out 92 and it's going to be packed starting back in hayward at the freeway connector in a pretty much stay 70 all the way over to the high rise and they're attacking in on the nimitz so just know that it's crawling
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from hayward through san leandro all the way up to davis street we had a crash that was blocking 3 lanes the rest of the trip after davis to downtown oakland. it's wide open. but behind davis on the san leandro hey we're side it's still crawling, you may just want to hop over to 5.80 and take that instead we'll check some more slow downs coming up. james darya all right, thank you very much rob and so back to one of our big stories this morning. there are currently 13 cases of corona virus in the u s. >>7 of them right here in california was 2 confirmed cases in santa clara, the county has extended its emergency declaration that doesn't mean there's any increased risk. >>to people but it means that they can reassure health workers that will at the ready in case something services because this will give you give them resources. we're training people were making sure folks have the appropriate fears that they do find someone who's sick that they can protect themselves. >>we're making sure that if we identify someone who's sick that we have a a safe. a way to handle them so that their
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other people and infected. >>the declaration also opens the door for the county to access mutual aid resources from other jurisdictions. and will undergo a review later this month to declaration goes through march 11th. and the east bay doctors are closely monitoring the global spread of the corona virus to contra costa county health officer says the county is working with the cdc to screen people who recently traveled to and from china, local schools and hospitals say they're prepared if the virus were to ever reach the county. >>well happening today, san francisco supervisors will be voting to lease a building to use as a navigation center for homeless youth in the lower hill area kron four's will tran is live in front of that building with details about it well. >>james darya there is that building there it is vacant 3 floors, 33,000 square feet it's ready to go depending on what the supervisors decide of the next couple of weeks and it quickly pull up a map for
7:33 am
you say you know the location this is on post and hi this is exactly 8, 8, 8, >>post street ne was formally the house of fans with a little bit different about this navigation center that's being proposed then the other navigation centers that already on the table for san francisco, this one looks to be long term we're talking about a 20 year lease said if it plays out it's going to cost million it's going to be prorated the bottom line is a few million dollars every year and the costs will go up. but if the city has its its way and it looks like they really want to move on this by this fall, 75 people between the ages of 1824 will be able to move in that 75 beds, the lower floor will be occupied by goodwill and they will have services down there as well so goodwill will also help pay some of those costs the good part about this according to
7:34 am
the city of san francisco that they have the option on the table so they're working with the owners of this vacant building that in 2 years from now james and area it's set up a $49 million over 20 years they have lot of money down the road. what's going to happen today is the committee that will tackle this. they will vote on it a little bit later some a little bit later today and if it passes committee it will go before the entire city council to vote on it february 25th, and if that passes this fall, this place will turn into a navigation center did speak to a couple of homeless people down here and they say they're very happy about it because according to one man he's tired a roaming the streets back to you all right ok, thank you will. 7.34 it. and the big story that we're following nationally the results are in from the new hampshire primary they are and senator bernie sanders is
7:35 am
claiming narrow victory but a victory nonetheless over former mayor pete buttigieg abby phillip has a closer look at the results and what comes next. >>this victory here. >>is the beginning of the end but >>with the win in new hampshire, senator bernie sanders taking control as the democratic front runner no matter who wins some we certainly hope it's going to be office. i together. >>and the feed the most dangerous president in the modern history of this country. >>but not too far behind him. >>and here to stay. >>that goes by the motto live free or die you made up your own minds. >>the former south bend, indiana mayor earning a strong second place finish once again say he's a great alternative to progress folder of all americans do not have the luxury. pursuing ideological
7:36 am
purity. >>over an inclusive victory. >>despite winning the popular vote in both iowa and new hampshire, sanders is behind in the overall delegate race by to call out america. >>i'm in the cover shot and i will beat donald trump. >>the are seemingly appealing to the state's moderate and independent voters donald trump's worst nightmare is that the people in the middle the people of had enough of the name calling and the mudslinging now have someone to vote for in november. >>the minnesota senator ended tuesday's contest strong 3rd place finish and a new attitude we've been strong and we've never quit. >>senator elizabeth warren who placed 4th praised publish our for her performance. >>i also want to congratulate my friend and colleague any club which are for showing
7:37 am
just how wrong the pundits can be when they count a woman out. >>a 5th place finish joe biden left the state even before the votes were counted for south carolina in a no room and we're eager to quickly put his dismal showings in the first contest behind him who are we just heard from the first 2 of 50 states all right come from opening bell. >>not the closing bell. the flight and donald trump's presidency is just beginning. >>the party isn't the only candidate looking ahead sanders is setting his sights on the next states and super tuesday. >>go to south carolina we're going to win those >>well here's a look at what comes next in the primary process as you sanders say next comes nevada the nevada caucuses are on february 22th.
7:38 am
and that's followed by the south carolina primary a week later and then on march 3rd 14 states will be holding primaries, including california. super tuesday. and we'll see what more than 60% of the delegates will be available to claim on that day so i like seeing it in this a calendar fashion because that's how look at it on my phone right, you know, and you can come out about how reminders in your calendar of what to watch when. >>and we'll take a break coming up next on the in our 8 o'clock hour. we continue our black history month series by looking at how booker t washington became one of the country's most influential african-american educators of all time. and after the break an investigation into the 2018 camp fire uncovers dozens of deaths that may not have that count. and you look outside this morning does show temperatures cooler than they were yesterday couple 30's on the map like in nevado in santa rosa. i'm talking some really nice weather for the afternoon have your forecast and the traffic's not so bad just busy, this is a look at
7:39 am
one oh one leaving san jose this is northbound passing alum rock. >>slow through south san jose downtown continuing into sunnyvale and mountain
7:40 am
7:41 am
>>and we're back at 7.41 and at least 50 more people died in the 2018 camp fire. those victims were not initially counted in the official death toll of 85 a wildfire wiped out the town of paradise back in 2018 and these additional deaths were linked to the fire
7:42 am
but not attributed to it. the investigation also says statistics under estimated the death toll and failed to include people who died from complications from the fire. attorneys say the online database used to record claims is not perfect. so the number may not be exact. and died in a test the crash and complained or had complained about the suvs autopilot system in the past. these complaints were details and documents just released by the federal investigators. the 2018 crash in mountain view killed engineer walter hong. now the documents show that he complained in the past about the autopilot system wrongly steering his suv toward that ferry. barrier that later claimed his life. the family is suing tesla and the california department of transportation is some 42 coming up on the cars what's the point of practicing on the words have already lost the seasons. >>the best in show at westminster the worst in show the stole
7:43 am
growing up in a family that struggled economically powerfully influenced my values. bernie sanders he's fighting to raise wages. and guarantee health care for all. now, our country is at a turning point. hard working people, betrayed by trump, struggling to survive. in this moment, we need a fighter. bernie sanders. we know he'll fight for us as president because he always has. i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message.
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fisn't just about polar bears. we're fighting for our lives, we're fighting for clean air and clean water. that's why i wrote the law to send billions from polluters to communities suffering the most. and only one candidate for president was with us back then,
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tom steyer. and he's still fighting for us, pledging to make clean air and clean water a right for everyone, regardless of your zip code. that's the truth. that's tom steyer. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message. >>welcome back plenty of sunshine overhead today and we are going to be looking at more of that into the afternoon ahead of us to. >>timber on just one of all your camera views basically that are showing up those blue skies on this wednesday conditions will remain clear through the day high pressure sits in place really having only strengthened through the course of the week. this is going to keep things nice and mild nice and sunny. certainly dry we'd love to see some rain we do need it. but in the
7:46 am
meantime might as well enjoy the nice weather calm conditions from north to south inland to coast today all of us are starting off this morning com and we'll continue to see just that to the afternoon unlike yesterday when you did have a few breezy spots in napa to start out your tuesday morning wednesday morning may be cool. but by wednesday afternoon we work our way into some nicer weather 60's for most of our high temperatures with map of the santa rosa san jose and conquered all very close to 70 again today while hayward freeman oakland, mostly in the mid 60's taking a look at tomorrow a little bit cooler but we're staying above average for temperatures the boss of sunshine continuing to stay dry through friday with more sunshine to be expected. few clouds here and there saturday night into sunday, a cold front barely skirts the bay area really resulting in rainfall for the pacific northwest. and just a slight chance of a few sprinkles for the north bay on sunday morning aside from that this is a dry and warm forecast ahead. robin all right, let's check in on traffic it's slow
7:47 am
and crowded we have that right to the richmond sandra fell less 5.80 it's stretching all the way back to marina. >>marina to the toll plaza is your slowdown right now so much heavier compared to the last time we checked in on of it's still quiet. so roughly a 12 minutes to make it to the north bay over to the bay bridge. there's our little spider right there are traffic is backed up in heavily through the maze, it's been like this for hours it's going to stay like this for the remainder of your morning commute so no big problems we've had some but nothing right now that's active. under 15 minutes after fremont street one oh one from the peninsula to san francisco, its just crowded off and on from right around south san francisco to 80 roughly 14 minutes from brisbane to the 80 split. so that's not bad at all keep in mind that there's lots of residual slowing on the nimitz we had a crash northbound a davis in san leandro it's still very heavy on the hayward at least from 92 and it also backed you up on to to 38 the whole stretch and now it's spilling over to 5.80. in the buzz, the
7:48 am
warriors final game before the all-star break is tonight but don't hold your breath there dot o k 5 for my sensitive warriors friends, let me say it in a nicer way there are not enough games left for them to end with a winning season. but that's not stopping them from trying all the work of putting in now will pay off in the future plus. >>the new guy knows that he's got to get with the program to get ready to rock and roll and steph and klay are back in the mix. >>are the next 2 months, no very important, you know and do this. you know trying to perfect know. no system in the style of play you know so next hearing we have the full the full team, you know i said trying to like i've been there for a while. the main thing. pair myself. >>so sounds like andrew wiggins plans to stay golden state plays the suns in phoenix tonight and the all-star events start this friday, the only warrior taking part is eric pascal he'll be playing in the rising stars game. the big star of
7:49 am
the westminster dog show is up a little name ceiba and there she is in all her glory. how is head of hair like that in the 80's, the standard total beat out more than 200 other breeds for the coveted best in show trophy. and as the handlers prance around with approaches. the judge is right the dogs on their gate size weight coach muscle tone temperament basically every criteria that would be politically incorrect for judging a woman in a beauty pageant. if you want to see a parody of westminster watch best in show is hilarious in atlanta could the handlers and the judges. >>stats and put little pipe in his mouth i never allowed to do anything like that dress up a dog in a funny way that says know quite what they up of the sunday shows what it would be
7:50 am
i think get really get the crowd going out of the pie i thina dog for this year's competition that's become a viral video star because he went rogue so james now let's put our judges hats on and we'll take a look at what went wrong it's low siberian husky. and he joked this is the injury compensation, but this time it's a low low ball here portray this way okay all right fine, so you know it happens rain that we're directing him back on beautiful beautiful. now what ok the easiest way is i don't hear about it, let's the slalom exposed to weave in and out ok and he's weaving right. it's cool to be faster than all right, we're at 2627 look at this time around he he just wants to play he's up he's down and then through the tube through the to do that too
7:51 am
nice job over you know over everything seems to be going fine i think he's right back on all away. i smell a tree wait wait no he's actually jumping that is so bad dogs are really coming back from this at look he's coming back and up the rails look at his hands were still running in trying and over even hand knows at this point that this is over because 5859 ok he takes again 60 seconds you know the winner the winner of this didn't seconds i it's 68 right off the season, but they changed the clock to read. 72 around he goes he's not giving up james this dog has heart hart yeah, i and there's the replay very cute, you know. every every year i guess maybe have one dog that just decide >>off the mound and with this yeah. >>but sometimes animals gone wild actually win the competition in this case. it's to mice facing off in the
7:52 am
london underground. take a closer look this photo titled stations squabble just earned him and shelton the other wildlife photographer of the it looks fake. so i still that was my cheese, it's like from what is it you sweetman they dress up those are the giant mice. these are the tiny ones the for little or no your right is he choking him out it looks like a take it suspect that did you. so this photo, it's a 25 year-old guy who was a semi-professional for doctor he staked out the london underground for a week because he do the mice would be that there is there but they only know, but when everybody goes home and they were fighting aware that that they were fighting over a crumb. >>so when >>and i asked to do they have pause. >>they don't eat turns out they have feet feet the uh
7:53 am
this looks like they can actually you know he's in a circle each other there it is for a series that you can't i i want to say no animals were harmed in the filming of this. >>so it could but it could in syria, i don't know i don't know if somebody died. that's the bus.
7:54 am
7:55 am
introducing wendy's big bacon classic. with fresh, never frozen beef and hot crispy bacon. if you're not getting your bacon cheeseburger from wendy's, what are you getting? (soft rock music playing) get the big bacon classic now on wendy's made to crave menu. >>75 is the time the bay area sports hall of fame has
7:56 am
announced his 2020 class of inductees and among them we have pro baseball hall of famer nays legend ricky henderson he can now call himself a bay area sports hall of famer and so can bruce bocce the inductees he wrapped up his career last year after winning 3 world series with the giants 12 time olympic champion swimmer and callum natalie coughlin she was also selected as was super bowl champion 49 ers defensive tackle bryant young and for the first time a 7 time world champion sailor paul cared joining the class. the 2020 class will be enshrined into the bay area sports hall of fame on may 11th. we'll take a quick break coming up west contra costa schools are considering laying off teachers to fix a budget deficit. we have a live report on what's being debated right now. >>and a settlement has been reached between the family of a teenager who lost his life after drowning during the peak last and the school district that he attended we'll have more on that in a minute and a
7:57 am
14 day quarantine finally over for nearly 200 evacuees that have been holed up in riverside county because of the corona virus. it included a palo out the woman and her daughter and we're going here about their experience co growing up in la, bad air forced us indoors. and now we have to deal with this. climate change is an emergency. that's why i wrote the nation's most progressive climate law. and that's why i'm endorsing tom steyer. because when big oil tried to stop our clean air laws, he led us to victory.
7:58 am
same with the keystone pipeline. when tom says we can save the world and do it together believe him. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message.
7:59 am
>>if you have variable so bad i'm james fletcher joined by john tribal robin winston with
8:00 am
slow the drive times are only going up at this point ok the temperatures are going to up to yes thankfully because it has been a little chilly this morning and temperatures will rise back into the 60's today, not as warm as yesterday but warmer than we should be so i think you're going enjoy this afternoon. much like you have all week long clear skies across the bay area easily seen from berkeley right here. you can see those clear skies showing up in stormtracker four's well 40's 50's for most of our current temperatures a few of us like morgan hill and nevado fell into the 30's. we're still in the 30's for nevado petaluma at 37 fairfield you're at 39, but all of us going to rise into the 60's this afternoon going to be another pleasant one and for the north bay, a calmer one than yesterday. well the rest of us just continue to enjoy calmer weather that we've got used to nice conditions with highs nearing the 70's for a few


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